Meet the Planets

Get acquainted with your astrological planets in this interactive, informative and fun filled workshop.  Janette will introduce you to the basics of astrology and reveal how the stars shape your underlying life patterns and deepest motivations.  This simple and down to earth workshop is an introduction to Astrology for either the complete beginner or for anyone who wants to refresh their basic knowledge.

You will need to bring your birth chart.  

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Dates: 2017 dates will be published soon


Mythology of the Moon

11 February 2017 at The Abode of Peace, 45 Kings Rd, Cooranbong NSW 2265

09.30 am to 4.30 pm

The moon is seen as a female symbol and was worshipped in ancient times as a powerful force, linked to the human unconscious and connected with the basic cyclic rhythms of life.

During this one day workshop we will look at some lunar facts and figures as well as the essential astrological significance of the moon in the natal chart.  We will explore the moon in more depth by sign, house and phase and relate these to your individual chart.  We will reconnect with the archetypal energies and mythology associated with the moon from different traditions using a combination of lecture style, interactive and experiential learning as well as guided mediation to create a fun filled day of magic and mystery with the moon.


Workshop contribution : By Donation (recommended $65)



Introduction to Astrology

This one day workshop is an introduction to Astrology for either the complete beginner or for those who want to refresh their basic knowledge.  You will be introduced to the essential principles of western natal astrology and be given a simple explanation of astrological language.  You will look at the zodiac, the planets and the elements as well as astrological signs and houses and see how they create energy patterns which influence and affect your life.

 Discover how they shape your underlying life patterns and deepest motivations in this simple and down to earth workshop.  Have fun exploring the core energies in your birth chart in an interactive and experiential way.

Dates: 2017 dates will be published soon

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