jwfaa1Janette has been an astrology enthusiast since childhood, fascinated by the stars and concepts of astrology.  While pursuing a career in the corporate world, she formalised her interest in astrology by studying with Parampara at Naturecare College Sydney and further developed these studies with AstroVarsity. Inspired by Parampara and using a zodiac that she created out of 12 large pieces of lightweight wood and also a set of handmade wooden planets, Janette continued to work with the zodiac and planets experientially and to use her homemade zodiac and planets in her astrology sessions and also as teaching tools in her astrology classes.  Finding these sets heavy to carry to and from lessons and sessions, she came up with the idea of a light weight fabric zodiac and Perspex planets – hardwearing, easy to transport and professional looking!  Wanting to share this with other astrologers she created Astrologybox – designed as a creative astrology tool for astrologers.

Janette practices astrology in Sydney where she runs workshops and is available for consultations.  She is a member of the Federation of Australian Astrologers (www.faainc.org.au) and holds the FAA Diploma of Astrology.  She is also a qualified energetic healer, remedial massage therapist, aromatherapist and transformational coach.